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This webpage is for OEFL coaches only.  Coaches please do not share your password with anyone other than your coaching staff and team secretary.

Online rosters are the same as your official team rosters minus the players birth date and last name. These rosters are for coaches to verify that all their players have been properly certified by the league and to check the rosters of opposing teams in your age group. Only players who have been properly certified by the league and have paid their league fee will appear on rosters. Per league rules it is the Head Coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players appear on the team’s official roster prior to the start of the season.

To protect the personal information of minors the online rosters only contains the players first Name, team name, age group, jersey number (if available) and if the player was certified (age verified) by the league.

If you want an electronic copy of your teams official roster to include their birth date and full name contact Todd Noel.

Contact Todd Noel for username and password and technical assistance.